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12 Unique Power Products Supplied by Wabash Power

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Home Blog 12 Unique Power Products Supplied by Wabash Power

If you’re in the boiler business, you’ve probably heard of Wabash Power. We have been supplying rental boilers and steam generation equipment for over 65 years around the world. We have the largest and newest rental fleet of watertube boilers in the industry. In addition, we stock more than one hundred (100) boilers ranging from 3,450 PPH to 300,000 PPH for immediate purchase or lease.  But we don’t stop there. Wabash Power is also a supplier of power generation equipment from turbines to generators to radiatorstransformers, mills and pulverizers, valves, and dozens of other products. Here’s a quick peek at 12 innovative products that make Wabash Power the most well-rounded boiler and power generation equipment supplier in the world.


82,500 PPH 350 psig Saturated Boiler

The 82,500 PPH saturated mobile boiler from Wabash is one of the most innovative boilers on the market. It is an O-type boiler manufactured by Cleaver Brooks, a worldwide leader in industrial boiler manufacturing. The boiler package is trailer-mounted allowing for highway-friendly transportation and delivery. This rental boiler is specially designed to allow it to be operated on or off the trailer. This unique set-up allows customers to install the rental boiler packages quicker and be more locations at their sites. The boilers are fitted with NATCOM Low NOx burners. We pair them with stack economizers to maximize their fuel efficiency and reduce their operating cost by 4-8%. These are the most popular rental boilers on the market for saturated steam.

Mobile Boiler

75,000 PPH 750 psig 750° F Superheated Boiler

The corner stone of Wabash Power’s rental fleet, the 75,000 PPH Optimus superheated boiler is built exclusively for Wabash Power by Chanute Manufacturing. They are all fitted with a Coen/Todd Low NOx burners. These boilers can be operated at pressures of up to 675 psig and achieve superheat temperatures of up 750° F. Our superheated rental fleet is stored indoors in the southern United States to cater to the largest collection of refineries and chemical plants in the world. There are more than 40 of these boilers operating in the field today.

Superheated Mobile Boiler

2,000 KW Mobile Diesel Generators

Here at Wabash, we don’t just rent boilers. We rent mobile diesel generators as well. Working with our partners at Cummins, we have a fleet of about 20 diesel generators sets that range in capacities of 1,400 KW to 2,000 KW.

Mobile Generators

5.2 MW Solar Gas Turbines

Wabash Power carries several gas turbines including GE Frame 5 models, Solar Mars, and Solar Taurus units. The latter have been very popular with our customers. We are down to just a couple left in our inventory. They are containerized units and located for anyone to inspect in our Saginaw, Michigan warehouse. Gas compressor skids are an available option for each Taurus unit.

Gas Turbine

22 MW Steam Turbine Generators

Also in Saginaw, MI are several 22 MW steam turbine generators. We have one GE, one Alstom Brown Boveri, and one Shinn Nippon unit. Each was operational before purchase and they may be inspected at any time. We also have two condensers, either of which may be paired with any of the three steam turbines for sale.

Steam Turbine Generator

Dozens of Raymond Mills

In addition to gas and steam turbines, our Saginaw warehouse is home to dozens of refurbished Raymond mills and pulverizers. Types of mills supplied include high side rollers mills, bowl mills, vertical mills, and impact hammer mills. In the age of declining coal industry, Wabash Power is the only supplier that refurbishes mills in such quantity and at high quality.

Raymond Mills and Pulverizers

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Controlling emissions from boilers is a priority, and therefore, green technology is in high demand. Nitrogen Oxides (NOx emissions) are harmful to the environment as well as human health. Wabash Power carries Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems that are specifically designed to pair with our rental boilers. All boilers from Wabash are fitted with Low NOx burners, but an SCR allows NOx numbers to remain under 9 parts per million (ppm) and as low as 5 ppm. In addition, the systems can be fitted with CO catalyst to reduce CO emissions.

Selective Catalytic Reduction System

800 BHP Mobile Steam Plant (MSP)

 In 2013, Wabash Power became a boiler manufacturer and began building Mobile Steam Plants at our headquarters in Wheeling, IL. These portable boiler rooms allowed Wabash to support customers that require 3,000 to 27,600 PPH of saturated steam. The containerized portable boiler room is a unique, turnkey solution that minimizes downtime or reduces installation time. 

Mobile Steam Plant

100,000 PPH and Larger Boilers

Larger skid mounted watertube boilers are always stocked at Wabash for the most pressing steam needs. We carry a variety of capacities ranging from 115,000 PPH to 300,000 PPH. Each of our larger steam capacity boilers are manufactured by Cleaver Brooks/Nebraska in Lincoln, NE. All boilers of all capacities are available for sale or long term rental.

Watertube Boilers

Water Treatment Trailer 

Mobile water treatment trailers designed and built by Wabash may be paired with our mobile rental boilers. Each containerized system consists of an 85,000 PPH de-aerator, feedwater pumps, blowdown tank, duplex water softener system, chemical feed tanks, and a control panel. They are pre-piped and pre-wired by Wabash to allow quicker installation, additional reliability and easy operation.

Water Treatment Boiler

9,495 hp Mechanical Drive Turbine

Wabash Power has a large inventory of mechanical drive turbines, both condensing and non-condensing. This 9495 HP (7100 KW) Dresser-Rand unit is mounted on a structural steel base and located in Wheeling, IL. This unit was manufactured in the early ’90s, but it has never been used. The turbine casing was removed in 2014 and cleaned. A two-section, seven-stage, gas compressor fit specifically for this unit is also available.

Mechanical Drive Turbines

Elliott 3600 RPM Motor

Wabash acquired this 4500 HP motor from a decommissioned coal fired plant. This induction motor was part of a 500 MW power generation system. It includes 3 heaters and is available in Wheeling, IL for immediate sale. We have dozens of other motors for sale with power as low at 5 HP.

Wabash Power Equipment Company can deliver the customized solution you need for your operation. Give us a call at 847-541-5600, and let us assist in answering your questions. Our expert engineers will be completely transparent, honest, and provide our best possible solution.

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