India Rental Boiler Case Study

Loading a Boiler on Russian Antonov

In the Summer of 2009, a large refinery in Chennai, India needed superheated steam. The refinery was ready to start operations, but the main power boiler, that had been on order, was a year late in construction and delivery. Also, the citizens of Chennai were counting on the refinery as an export-powerhouse due to nationwide gasoline shortages. Refinery staff recognized that they couldn’t afford to wait and called on Wabash. Time was of the essence!

Boilers at the Airport
Wabash had the technical knowledge, the inventory, and the logistical expertise necessary to manage the situation. It was determined that two (2) high pressure, 75,000 lbs/hr Optimus superheated boilers would best suit the needs of the refinery. These units were in stock and ready to go, however transporting them over 8,500 miles was a major obstacle, and time was extremely limited. It was concluded that these units would need to be transported by air. As we had done in the past, Wabash loaded the two 75,000 superheated units (and a deaerator) onto the plane. Five fuel stops and 8,500 miles later, the boilers were unloaded in New Dehli and trucked another 1,000 kilometers to Chennai, India.

Once in place, Wabash sent personnel to supervise startup and installation. With all the pre planning and utilities in place, the Wabash boilers were up and running within a week!

Loading Boiler onto Cargo Jet

Antonov Loading Boilers

Wabash Power Rental Boiler

Russian Antonov Cargo Plane