Relationship with Manufacturer makes Innovative Solution Possible

In 2007, a tomato processor in Santiago, Chile suffered an explosion in their plant. One of eight large high pressure boilers exploded, and the energy contained in the explosion was so great that it took out all 7 of the other boilers. With no steam, the vital process of crushing tomatoes and apples stalled, resulting in several hundreds of truck loads a day of lost product. Empresas needed to restore business quickly to reduce loss and prepare for due to an upcoming tomato campaign. Every day without steam cost money and opportunity.

An industry rep out of Chile recommended Wabash Power for the plant’s processing needs. Within days, two (2) new 150,000k lbs/hr A type watertube boilers were on their way to the Houston port to be shipped by boat to Santiago, Chile. However, a daunting logistical task threatened the project. After arriving at the Chilean port, the 16’ high boilers needed to be trucked to the jobsite. A bridge with a 12’ height restriction stood in the way. Wabash worked with the manufacturer, Nebraska Boiler, creating a customized structural steel frame so the boilers could be rolled on their side, allowing the boilers to clear the bridge for a smooth ride to the jobsite. Wabash experience along with the high level of cooperation and mutual trust between Wabash and Nebraska boiler provided Empresas with the timely, quality solution it needed.