Used Boilers For Sale

Used Boiler

Capacity (lb/hr)ManufacturerDesign PressureOperating Pressure (psig)Steam Temp. (F)FuelNOx with FGRFreight Method
40,000 lb/hr
English Boiler200 PSI100-185SaturatedNatural Gas / Oil30 PPMTruck/Rail
50,000 lb/hr
Rentech Boiler650 PSI300-575530 F SuperheatNatural Gas / Oil30 PPMTruck/Rail
60,000 lb/hr
ABCO Industries530 PSI400-500700°FNatural Gas / OilTruck/Rail
60,000 lb/hr
Cleaver Brooks350 PSI125-335SaturatedNatural Gas / Oil30 PPMTrailer
75,000 PPH
Cleaver Brooks / Nebraska Boiler350 PSI125-335SaturatedNatural Gas / Oil30 PPMTrailer
80,000 lb/hr
Victory Energy550 PSI250-500500°F SuperheatNatural Gas30 PPMTruck/Rail
85,000 PPH
Victory Energy399 PSI125-350SaturatedNatural Gas / Oil30 PPMTrailer

NOx ratings shown are maximum for listed generating capacity using maximum boilers firing of natural gas, at 2000 Ft. elevation and 100° Fair temperature.
NOx with FGR - Boiler as supplied by Wabash Power Equipment Co. with additional Flue Gas Recirculation components and economizer.