80,000 PPH VEO Superheat

Victory Energy Watertube Boiler Victory Energy Boiler Drawing

Details / Specifications
Capacity80,000 #/hr
ModelVoyager VS-4-68
Burner Manf.TODD
Design Pressure550psig
Steam Temp. (°F)500
Drum TypeO” type watertube boilers with 100% water cooled front and rear walls
Code Design The boilers were built to ASME code and bears NB stampings.
NOx with FGR30 PPM
FuelNatural Gas
Approx. Dimensions25' - 10"L x 11'-9 1/2 " W x 14' -8"H
Approx. Shipping Weight (lbs.)90,000 lbs
Freight MethodTruck or Rail
More InformationThis boiler package includes: forced draft and motor, (VFD ready) burner management system, fully metered combustion control system based on Siemens 353 multi-loop controllers, NFPA 85 approved natural gas fuel train and three element feedwater system, economizer, transition duct work, expansion joint, FGR duct work and damper, structural steel, platform and ladders, cold air duct, stub stack and air inlet silencer. Built August 2008.