150,000 #/hr Nebraska Boiler

Industrial Boiler on Rail CarFeedwater End of Industrial Boiler

Details / Specifications
Capacity150,000 #/hr
ManufacturerNebraska Boiler
Burner Manf.NATCOM
Design Pressure350psig
Operating Pressures (psig)150-325
Steam Temp. (°F)Saturated
Drum TypeType "A" design, composed of a 48" I.D. steam drum and two (2) 24" O.D. lower drums with 2" O.D. tubes
Code DesignThese boilers are built in accordance with ASME Code and bearing N.B. and H.S.B. stampings.
NOx with FGR30 PPM
FuelNatural Gas / Oil
FanForced draft fan with a 300HP, TEFC motor, 3/60/460V., 1800RPM with interconnecting air duct to windbox
Flame Monitoring SystemFireye flame safeguard burner control system, 1/60/110V., I.R.I. F.M. and U.L. approved
Valve TrimThe valve trim consists of: Aquarian water column with high and low water alarm, LWCO, and auxiliary LWCO complete with drain valve, water gauge, water gauge valves and column tri-cocks, 4" feedwater bypass valve station, sootblower wall boxes and bearings, feed stop and check valves, blowoff, vent and drain valves continuous blowdown control valve, one (1) 2" and two (2) 1.5" Consolidated safety valves with one (1) additional opening for one (1) 4" safety valve, chemical feed valve, one (1) 8.5" Ashcroft pressure gauge, as well as miscellaneous valve trim and regulators.
Approx. Dimensions40' - 0" L x 12' -10" W x 17' -0" H
Approx. Shipping Weight (lbs.)150,000 lbs
Freight MethodRail
More InformationThe boilers each have a total heating surface of 8,918 sq. ft. which 822 sq. ft. are in the water walls.

The furnace volume is 1,656 cu. ft.
Each boiler is completely encased with burner and oil train NEMA IV construction for weather-tight outdoor installation. Each boiler will generate a continuous steam capacity of 150,000#/hr. of dry saturated steam at an operating pressure of 150-325 psig when supplied with feedwater at 212°F.

Moore microprocessor combination and single element (optional 3-element available) feedwater control system actuating Fisher fuel valves and fan inlet damper for fuel/air control and fisher control valve for feedwater control.