250,000 #/hr Nebraska Boiler

A Type Watertube Boiler

Details / Specifications
Capacity250,000 #/hr
ManufacturerNebraska Boiler
ModelN2SS -8/S -124-SH
Burner Manf.NATCOM
Design Pressure750 psig
Operating Pressures (psig)500-650
Steam Temp. (°F)750
Drum Type"A" Type 54” I.D. steam drum and a 32” O.D. lower drum with 2” O.D. tubes
Code DesignThe was built in 2012-13 in accordance with ASME Code and bear N.B. and H.S.B. stampings.
NOx with FGR30 PPM
FuelNatural Gas / Oil
Fan Free standing Robinson forced draft fan with 1000HP, TEFC motor 3/60/2400-4160V, 1800RPM with interconnecting air duct to windbox
Flame Monitoring SystemFlame safeguard PLC-based burner management system, 1/60/120V., I.R.I., FM approved
Valve Trim(3) valve bypass, safety valve, inlet transition, expansion joint, outlet transition, stack and structural steel
Approx. Dimensions50' -9" L x 12' -10" W x16' -8" H
Approx. Shipping Weight (lbs.)247,000 Lbs.
Freight MethodRail
More InformationThe boilers have a total heating surface of 10,940 sq. ft. of which 1,584 sq.ft. are in the waterwalls. The furnace volume is 2,960 cu.ft. There is a horizontal radiant drainable superheater having a total of 940 sq. ft.

The boilers system will generate a continuous steam capacity of 250,000#/hr. of superheated steam at an operating pressure of 650 psig.

Siemens microprocessor combustion, 3-element feedwater and outlet temperature control system
3" Fisher feedwater control valve with bypass and a desuperheater control valve for temperature control

Complete FGR system consisting of FGR ducting, FGR damper and mixing box