75,000 lb/hr Optimus Saturated

High Pressure Mobile BoilerHigh Pressure Mobile Boiler Feedwater View

Details / Specifications
Capacity75000 #/hr
Burner Manf.TODD
Design Pressure750 psig
Operating Pressures (psig)375-675 psig
Steam Temp. (°F)500 (Saturated)
Drum TypeO-Type
Code DesignBuilt in accordance with ASME Code and bearing N.B. stampings
NOx with FGR30 PPM
FuelNatural Gas / Oil
FanForced draft fan with 150 HP TEFC electric motor drive 3/60/480V with starter
Flame Monitoring SystemFireye E 110 microprocessor based flame management system to I.R. I., F.M., U. L. ,N. F.P.A. requirements
Control Circuit Tranformer480V/l20V control circuit transformer
Valve Trim2 1/2" feedwater control valves with 3 valve bypass, feedwater stop and check valves, water column with water level probes, gage glass, auxiliary float type low water cut out, 1 1/2" continuous blowdown control valve and stop valve, (1) 3/4" chemical feed valve,1 1/2 " blowdown valves, vent and drain valves, desuperheater,safety valves and 6" main steam non return valve, as well as miscellaneous valve trim.
Approx. Dimensions95' -0" L x 11' -6" W x 14' -4" H
Approx. Shipping Weight (lbs.)150,000 lbs
Freight MethodTrailer
More InformationMoore micropressor combination combustion and feedwater control system

Also included is a 4 8 x 10 Ft. high stub stack. The boiler assembly is mounted on a special designed multi axle drop decktrailer

Optional Equipment Available: Economizer, Flue Gas Recirculation System and SCR System.