5048 Raymond High Side Roller Mill

2 (Two) Reconditioned #5048 C-E Raymond High Side Roller Mills each  “V” Belt driven by a 100HP  3/60/440V motor.  Units are equipped with all internal related grinding components; gear housing with gear; horizontal shaft with pinion; mill bottom with related oil reservoir and NEW   oil wicking; vertical shaft; spider with caps; plow support with 4 (four) NEW plow bodies and 4 (four) NEW    plow tips; 4 (four) oil journals each with NEW grinding roll; millbase with air housing; port liners and NEW grinding ring; millside; F24 Syntron vibratory feeder; double whizzer separator “V” belt driven by a 10HP 3/60/440V motor; and New York Blower series 20G1, Size 264, directly driven by a 75HP 3/60/440V motor.

Mills can be converted to a 5 roll #5057 mill by installing a 5 (five) roll spider; 5

(five) roll plow support and 1 (one) additional journal with grinding roll.

Ex-Works Saginaw, Michigan


Note:  Mills built in 1911.  Mills were rebuilt and modernized by Raymond in 1979.

Ex-Works Saginaw, Michigan

Details / Specifications
Name5048 Raymond High Side Roller Mill
Engine75/60 HP
Motor HP75/60 HP