6659 Highside Roller Mill

2        (Two) Reconditioned #6659 C-E Raymond High Side Roller Mills, each “V” Belt driven by a 250HP 3/60/440V motor.  Units are equipped with all internal related grinding components, rebuilt gear housing with gear, horizontal shaft with pinion, mill bottom, with related oil reservoir and NEW   oil wicking, vertical shaft, spider with caps, plow support with 5 (five) NEW   plow bodies and 5 (five)  NEW  plow tips, 5 (five) rebuilt oil journals each with NEW   grinding roll, millbase with air housing, 15 (fifteen)  NEW  port liners and NEW  grinding ring, millside, rebuilt side mounted feeder airlock with speed reducer driven by a 2 HP 3/60/440V motor, NEW   single speed controller, rebuilt double whizzer separator driven by a 10 HP 3/60/440V motor, with  NEW variable frequency drive, and rebuilt system fan driven by a 150 HP 3/60/440V motor.

Identified by:  S/N 50144 and S/N 76084

Details / Specifications
Name6058 Raymond High Side Roller Mill
Engine125HP 3/60/440V
Motor HP200/150 HP
Unit AssemblyUnit is equipped with rebuilt gear housing assembly with gear, rebuilt horizontal shaft assembly with pinion, mill bottomand related oil reservoir with new oil wicking