73612 Roller Mill

(One) Reconditioned #73612 C-E Raymond High Side Roller Mill directly driven by a 350 HP Westinghouse motor 3/60/2300-4160V, 600 RPM.  Unit is equipped with all internal related grinding components; horizontal shaft with pinion; gear housing with gear; external oil lubricating system; mill bottom with related oil reservoir; vertical shaft; intermediate shaft; spider with caps; plow support with plows; (6) six oil journals each with grinding roll; millbase with air housing; port liners and grinding ring; millside; dual feeders each with related speed reducer and driven by a 2 HP 3/60/440V motor; feed controller; single whizzer separator driven by a 30 HP Westinghouse motor 3/60/230-460V  1760RPM and system fan directly driven by a 150 HP Westinghouse motor 3/60/2400V  1160RPM. Built in 1946.



Details / Specifications
Name73612 Raymond High Side Roller Mill
Motor HP500/250