Compressors and Cylinders

Gas compressors can be found in a wide range of operations for they are commonly used as a central power source to drive tools, systems, belts, wheels, driveshafts, and more. A major benefit of a gas air compressor is a single motor can provide energy to more than one system, using minimal space and parts to run it.

Natural gas compressors work by increasing the pressure of gas within by reducing its volume. This forces the natural gas to enter the main cylinder via the intake valves where it is compressed and sent to discharge. Common uses for these compressors are in petroleum refineries and in chemical or natural gas processing plants as well as transporting natural gas from production site to end site using pipelines. 

Dresser-Rand compressors are one of the leading natural gas compressors that have products ranging from medium to high-speed units run by engines or electric motors. Typical applications where these reciprocating compressors are used are in upstream production for natural gas gathering, gas liquids, shale, coal bed methane and oil recovery. Midstream use of these compressors is for gas transmission and storage, gas injection and refrigeration.  Downstream processing and power generation is also a common and useful application for these compressors involving cool gas, methanol and ethylene, ammonia, nitric acid and fuel gas.

Wabash Power offers a wide range of reliable and high performing compressors and cylinders in varying ranges of pressure, both air and gas types. 



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