Coen - Bailey Metering Totalizing

One (1) Coen-Bailey Pneumatic Metering Totalizing Combustion Control System, mounted in a free standing panel. This system permits the simultaneous firing of two (2) fuels at any firing rate. The major application of this system is for fuel changeover at any firing rate and it also allows base loading of one fuel with oil flow and air flow transmitters to maintain correct air-fuel ratio. Gas and oil flow signals are totalized in a Bailey computing relay switch, in turn, sends a total BTU pneumatic signal to a Bailey total fuel flow-air ratio relay. This ratio relay sends out a corection signal to a combining relay and then to the air flow control drive to maintain air-fuel ratio as required. The system is lead/lag type, since on firing rate increases, air will always lead fuel, whereas on firing rate decreases, fuel will lead air. An additional feature included is an automatic fuel cutback so that total fuel input can never exceed total combustion air available diring simultaneous firing, the failure of a limit interlock peculiar to one particular fuel will result in a shutdown of that one fuel only. Also mounted on the panel is a Bailey M55A recorder for integrating and recording steam slow, air flow and flue gas temperature. A flue gas temperature transmitter is also included. This system is designed in such a way that it can be superimposed on any standard pneumatic parallel positioning combustion control system by simply opening and closing a few valves.

Approximate Dimensions: 24'-0"Deep x 42 " W x 90"H

Approximate Shipping Weight: 1,000 Lbs.

Details / Specifications
NameNew Coen - Bailey Metering Totalizing Combustion Control System