Using a deaerator improves the overall efficiency of the steam generation process. As feedwater tanks get bigger, implementing a deaerator eliminates the need for pricey oxygen scavenger chemicals in your boiler feedwater system. They work to remove carbon dioxide and oxygen while raising feedwater temperatures. By pegging steam from the boiler, feedwater temperatures can be raised to the proper levels and avoid thermal shock. 

Elimating corrosive gases from the boiler, tubes, and process piping allows equipment to endure for a longer lifespan. Deaerators will also lower operating costs by maximzing fuel efficiency. Wabash Power stocks both spray type and tray type systems. Tray-type deaerators, also known as cascade-types, include vertical domed deaeration that is mounted on top of a horizontal vessel, serving as a boiler feedwater tank. Spray-types serve as both deaeration and feedwater storage tanks. Both styles have been innovated to control the deaeration process in all kinds of boiler vessels.

Wabash stocks spray type and tray type deaerators from all major manufacturer's including but not limited to:

  • BFS Industries 
  • Cleaver Brooks
  • Kansas City
  • Cochrane
  • Elliot

Browse the following surplus equipment or contact our experienced sales engineers for more information. 


Capacity (lb/hr)PressureName
24,150 #/hr
50BFS Zer-O-Pac (530 PSIG PUMPS)
42,000 #/hr
50BFS Zer-O-Pac w/ Feedwater Pumps
80,000 #/hr
30Kansas City Model HS5512
115,000 #/hr
30Crane Model T-48 Tray Type Built 2005
165,000 #/hr
30Cochrane Model T-54 Tray Type Built 2007
250,000 #/hr
Deaerator Base Stand Only. Used to house a 250,000# System
300,000 #/hr
50BFS Zer-O-Pac Tray Type 300 MDVT-15