60,000# Cochrane Uni-Mod Spray Type

1          (One) 60,000 #/hr Cochrane spray type Uni-Mod deaerator

Single module Uni-Mod with integral storage of 170 cu ft, 5'-6" dia x 12' H,

2" double disc valve with external float control lever operated complete with reach rod assembly

and gauge glass kit for controller; pressure drop at 51,000 #/hr, water flow of 8 psi,                                  

2-1/2" Sentinel relief valve; 3" type A drainer complete with gauge                                

glass kit; 2" every angle dial type thermometers; 4-1/2" with petcock             

and syphon pressure gauge, two McDonnell-Miller float switches.


Details / Specifications
NameCochrane Spray Type Uni-Mod
ModelCochrane Spray Type Uni-Mod
lb/hr60,000 #/hr