Kentube Economizers for Sale

150,000 lb/hr KENTUBE Rectangular Fuel Economizer with the following design features:                     

Finned tube unit; 5 Fins per inch, Vertical Gas Flow: Counter-current flow

Fuel Type: Natural Gas / #2 weight fuel Oil Supplemental

490 psig Tubeside Design Pressure

 Pressure parts to Section I of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code

External 2” insulation with weatherproof, 30 Ga. Galvanized corrugated casing is included.

1”-300# RFWN Flanged drain and vent connections included

4   Flanged auxiliary connections on header

1   1.5” 300# RFWN Flanged connection for safety relief valve on header


Call for more information on economizers rated for lower steam capacities (as low as 40,000 lb/hr)

Details / Specifications
lb/hr40,000 - 150,000