Electrical Switchgear - Circuit Breakers

Miscellaneous Electrical Components

(1) 1500 HP Powell Contactor (Amoco - 1991)
(2) Westinghouse 50L4 Contactors (Amoco - 1991)
(2) 25KVA CPT's - Powell Manufacturing (Amoco - 1991)
(1) 125V DC UPS System (American Demolition - 2007)
(1) SLC 500 Allen Bradley Power Supply (see 5kv Westinghouse Switchgear)
(3) GE Alugard Station Arresters, 15kv
(3) GE Protective Capacitors, 13.8VAC

Circuit Breakers

600208VFederal Pacific PBPB1Used
600250VDCG.E. AKF-1B-4AKF-1B-4 1Used
6005kvWestinghouse & Breaker Cell 50 DH-50 50 DH-503Used
6005kvWestinghouse 50-DH-100 50-DH-1001Used
800600VWestinghouse DS-200DS-2002Used
1000600VACSquare D Thermal MagneticThermal Magnetic1Used
12005kvSquare D Master Clad VR-05025-12VR-05025-123New/Unused
12005kvWestinghouse Line Power DC 200, 800DC 200, 8002New/Unused
12005kvWestinghouse DB15 – Oil Breaker Type F-122DB15 – Oil Breaker Type F-1221Used
12005kvWestinghouse DB15 – Air Breaker DB15 – Air Breaker 1Used
12005kvWestinghouse 50 DHP-35050 DHP-3504Used
12005kvWestinghouse 50-DHP-7550-DHP-75 1Used
12005kvWestinghouse 50-DHP-25050-DHP-2502Used
12005kvWestinghouse Vacuum 50-VCP-350Vacuum 50-VCP-3502Used
12005kvWestinghouse Style 449D879G54Style 449D879G544Used
12005kvSiemens Allis MA 75C1MA 75C12New/Unused
12005kvITE 5HK755HK751Used
12005kvG.E. Magna Blast AM- 5-50-4AM- 5-50-47Used
120015kvG.E. VBIVBI4New/Unused
1600600VACSiemens SBS2016SBS20161Used
1600600VACWestinghouse PB32500FPB32500F1Used
2000600VACSquare D Thermal MagneticThermal Magnetic1Used
3000600VACG.E. AK-3-75AK-3-751New/Unused
3200600VACSiemens SBS4032SBS40321Used


60013.8-155.5kvG.E. InterrupterInterrupter1Used
60013.8kvAllis Chalmers InterrupterInterrupter1Used
60013.8kvS & C Electric DisconnectDisconnect1Used
60013.8kvR.I. & E. InterrupterInterrupter1Used
1600208VFederal Pacific DisconnectDisconnect3Used
2000480VPringle Manual Transfer Bypass IsolationManual Transfer Bypass Isolation1Used
2000480VBoltswitch Bottom FeedBottom Feed1Used
2500600VSquare D Disconnect Bolted Pressure TypeDisconnect Bolted Pressure Type1Used

Automatic Transfer Switches

225120-240Zenith Auto Transfer SwitchAuto Transfer Switch1New
800277-480Onan Auto Transfer SwitchAuto Transfer Switch1Used
800120-208 Russell Electric Auto Transf Switch Model 2000Auto Transf Switch Model 20001Used
2000277-480 Westinghouse Auto Transf SwitchAuto Transf Switch2Used
2000600VWestinghouse Auto Transf SwitchAuto Transf Switch1Used
2000480-277ADGO Auto Transf SwitchAuto Transf Switch1Used

Switchgear & Control Panels

600Electric MachineryManual Voltage Switching Panel w/Vacuum Contactors1Used
1200Siemens Allis 5kvSwitchgear Controls1Unused
1200Line Power Systems 5kvSwitchgear Controls1Used
1200Switchgear Controls for MP-36 5kvSwitchgear Controls for MP-361Used
1200Square D Master Clad 5kvSwitchgear Controls for MP-362New/Unused
1200Allis Chalmers 5kvSwitchgear & Controls for 675KVA/510KW Steam Turbine Generator1Used
1200Westinghouse 5kvSwitchgear & Controls for 3125KVA/2500KW Diesel Generator 4160V1Used
1200Viking 5kvSwitchgear & Controls for 1750KVA/1400KW Gas Turbine Generator 4160V1Used
1200Switchgear & Controls for 3336KW Steam Turbine Generator 4160V 5kvSwitchgear & Controls for 3336KW Steam Turbine Generator 4160V1Used
1200Emsco 5kvSwitchgear & Controls for 4.2MW Gas Turbine Generator 4160V1Used
1200Powell 125kv250-3112Used


15125120Allis Chalmers 1201Used
15125120Electric Machinery 1201Used
15125120Elliott 1201Used

Motor Starters

100460Square D 12/3R Fused Combination3New
200480Allis Chalmers Across The Line Size 5Across The Line Size 52Used
200460Siemens Reduced VoltageReduced Voltage2New
250440G.E. Motor Generator StartersMotor Generator Starters2Used
350480Siemens Reduced Voltage 2Siemens1Unused
400440G.E. Reduced Voltage Type CR-7006-D12DReduced Voltage Type CR-7006-D12D1Used
600480Westinghouse Reduced Voltage Type CL1160 3/6 S7Reduced Voltage Type CL1160 3/6 S72Used
7004160G.E. Synchronous Type 50 L4Synchronous Type 50 L41Used
9004160G.E. Synchronous Type 50 L4 2Synchronous Type 50 L41Used
12505000Allen Bradley NEMA Type 1NEMA Type 11Used
15004160Siemens Allis Frame 6810H EnclosureFrame 6810H Enclosure1Used

Variable Frequency Drives

100460Toshiba EXE2-401K100EXE2-410K1001New
400460Allen Bradley Model 1336 Plus IIModel 1336 Plus II1Used