10,000HP GE

1          (One) 10,000 HP GE condensing, auto-extraction, 9 stage, 6 emission multi-valve type steam turbine.  Built in 1957.  Initial steam conditions:  580 psig (600 psig Max), 700°F (750° Max), with 150 psig auto extraction and 6" HGA exhaust, 5370 RPM. Equipped with governor and linkage.  Flange sizes:  12" inlet, 42"                                     exhaust and 16" auto-extraction.  CCW from governor end.


Details / Specifications
ManufacturerGeneral Electric
Inlet Pressure580 PSIG
Inlet Temp.750 F
Exhaust Pressure150 PSIG
Turbine Rot.CCW
Build Year1957