2800 HP Murray


1          (One) reconditioned 2800 HP Murray non-condensing steam turbine, model 142UV2, 3-stage (composed of (1) Curtis, and (2) Rateau stages).  Carbon steel case construction. 395 psig @ 700°F, with 45# BP exhaust.  5" inlet (left side) rated at 600 psi 18" exhaust (top) rated at 150 psi Direction of rotation from governor end is CCW. Built in 1961 - updated in 1976.   Total shipping weight - 10,500 lbs.



Details / Specifications
Rating2800 HP
Inlet Pressure395 PSIG
Inlet Temp.700 F
Exhaust Pressure45 PSIG
Exhaust Temp.150 F
Turbine Rot.CCW
Build Year1976