Unused 9495 HP (7.1MW) Dresser Rand (Terry) Condensing Steam Turbine


                1              (One) unused 9495 HP (7100) Dresser-Rand (Terry) condensing steam turbine,

                                400 psig @ 720°F, with 2.5" HG ABS 63,863#/Hr exhaust.  S/N D-1691, S.O. U-25181,

                                Model 5QT, multi-stage, multi-valve.             Max throttle flow 80,637#/Hr, 8000 RPM. 

                                Equipped with Woodward 505 electrical governor.  8" inlet at 600#,      

                                48" rectangular outlet @ 150# FF down

                                7,571 sq. ft. Graham (Job #91863M) surface condenser, inlet pressure 2.5" HG ABS.

                                Size: 68" x 240" HEI.  Carbon steel shell composed of

                                1,928  ¾"OD Admiralty Brass tubes, 16-gauge

                                ASME Code stamped        Dimensions: 5'-8" OD x 20'L

                                Equipped with hogging ejector chamber and ejector steam nozzles.

                                Manufactured in 1991/93

                                Turbine – 30,830 lbs

                                Spare Turbine Rotor – 3,053 lbs


                        Mounted on skid with 23,288 CFM Compressor 26'L x 7'-1"W x 12'H

Turbine & Compressor Weight:  87,100 lbs

Details / Specifications
ManufacturerDresser Rand (Terry)
Inlet Pressure400 PSIG
Inlet Temp.720 F
Build Year91/93