Non-Return Valves

Wabash Power provides stop check with all of our rental boilers. We also have several surplus non return valves available for immediate sale. Most are located at our warehouse in Wheeling, IL. They can be inspected at anytime during business hours. Call and request a quote on any of the below NRVs.
Size Pressure Manufacturer Figure Type
300 Fisher 47B-4 v-ball
300 Everlasting 5160-R Blowoff
1.5in. 300 Consolidated 1811JA Safety
2in. 300 Okadee 1129T Flanged
2in. 300 Okadee 1109T Flanged
2in. 300 Okadee 1113T Flanged
2.5in. 300 Consolidated 181 1LA2O Safety
2.5in. 150 Consolidated 1511 L20 Safety
2.5in. 170 Consolidated Safety
2.5in. 200 Consolidated Safety
3in. 223/229 Consolidated 1811 MA Safety
3in. 600 Consolidated 2755B-1X1 Safety
4in. 250 Crane 4101 Angle
4in. 300 Fisher 667-ED Control
4in. 122 Consolidated 1411 Safety
4in. 119 Consolidated 1411 Safety
4in. 600 Powell 6031FE Gloabe
4in. 250 Crane 4101 Angle
4in. 300 Fisher 667-ED Control
5in. 250 Lunkenheimer 1408 Angle
5in. 250 Jenkins 925 Flanged
5in. 250 Crane 4129 Globe
6in. 300 Edwards 303 Angle
6in. 250 Crane 30E Angle
6in. 300 Newco 73FCB3SC Angle