Transformers are a vital part of day-to-day industrial applications and play an important role in supplying proper power management. A transformer is an electrical apparatus designed to convert an alternating current from one voltage to another, either ramping up or ramping down. A transformer has no moving parts, and is a solid state device which means that it can have a long lifespan without much trouble if it runs under normal operating conditions. They are basically two or more coils of insulated wire wound onto a laminated steel core. When a voltage is induced in the primary coin, it magnetizes the iron core within the transformer. Once the voltage is induced in the secondary or output coil, the change of voltage between the two coils, also known as the voltage ratio, depends on the turns ratio. Taps are very important for high voltage transformers and voltage winding to correct for high or low voltage conditions while still delivering full rated output voltages at secondary terminals.

When it comes to industrial applications of power management, applications require heavy duty transformers that can get the right amount of voltage to electrical equipment. These transformer cores and coils are designed to provide optimal field efficiency, advanced power management that is combined with comprehensive testing that assures reliable performance.

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kVa / kWPRISECManufacturerSpecs
1500 KVA
4160480VSquare D
2000 KVA
2800 KVA
5250 KVA
138004160VSquare D
36/48/60 MVA
138KV13200VG.E. ProlacTaps, Fan Cooled