Gas Turbine Generators

Capacity (lb/hr)ManufacturerTypeFuelGenerator Voltage
5,200 KW
Solar Taurus 60-7301Dual Fuel: Natural Gas, Landfill Gas3/60/4160 V
8,820 KW
Solar Mars 90 - T12000Natural Gas3/60/4160 V
9,500 KW
Solar Mars 90 - T13000SNatural Gas3/60/4160 V
16,000 KW
GEFrame 5LA Thermal Block#2 Oil
18,000 KW
GEFrame 5M Thermal BlockDual Fuel: Natural Gas, #2 Oil
20,750 KW
GEFrame 5P#2 Oil (convertible to Natural Gas) 3/60/13.8KV
39,780 KW
GEC AlsthomFrame 6B - PG6541BNatural Gas (convertible to Dual Fuel) 3/50/11 KV

Gas Turbines in stock and available for immediate sale!

Wabash Power has over 60 years of experience in providing clients with exceptional power equipment. We stock a selective yet comprehensive range of gas turbine generators ranging from 200KW up to 100 MW.


We choose only to stock only the world’s most reputable manufacturers. This allows us to ensure our clients get the power they need, when they need it. Some of the product lines we carry include: 

  • ·GE 
  • ·Solar Turbines Inc
  • ·Siemens Westinghouse
  • ·Rolls Royce
  • ·Pratt & Whitney

We independently assess each manufacturer we work with on numerous variables to ensure we only supply the highest quality products on the market. Our clients know that when they work with Wabash, they will be getting quality products, supplied by experienced and engineer-driven experts. 

Fully Assembled  

If you go through the manufacturing process, assembly time can range from months to years. (presuming everything goes to plan).  Wabash Power understands that “Time is Money.” Our equipment is ready to ship and start up at your command.  When you work with Wabash the complex and lengthy manufacturing process is all done for you. All gas turbines we supply are provided to our clients ready to start up from the moment following installation.

As you would rightly expect, all our products are pre-assembled with standard components, related auxiliaries, controls, and switchgear. Why run the risk of potentially missing deadlines due to delayed or incorrect assembly? Work with Wabash and get fully refurbished equipment on site in a matter of days.

Quality Control

Occasionally generators do not work as expected when you on initial start up. This can be due to a manufacturing error or inexperience during assembly. We understand how important it is to have products work as expected from day one of operation. It’s no secret that an improperly functioning turbine or generator can severely delay a project, potentially putting it behind schedule to meet a deadline.

Wabash Power utilizes our own in house quality control methodology, formulated from industry standard best practices, and our decades of first-hand experience. We verify each and every gas turbine that we provide, ensuring it will work as intended as soon as it reaches your hands. When combined, our assembly and quality control procedures greatly minimize the risk of unexpected delays during assembly or initial operation.

Tailored To The Project

We provide generators that run on all common fuel types, including: 

  • ·Natural Gas
  • ·Landfill Gas
  • ·#2 Oil

Gas turbines supplied by Wabash Power are highly versatile in terms of potential applications. We provide several customization options on most of the gas generators we supply – enabling you to tailor your generator to your business application. 


We can fit highly efficient Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) to most of our generators during assembly. By capturing the exhaust energy that would otherwise be expelled into the atmosphere, an HRSG systems will reuse the heat to power steam turbines and generate more efficient electricity. The result of which is cleaner, greener, and cheaper energy.

Mobile Modular Design

Often a generator will need to be moved several times during its long lifespan. We can provide containerized generators in a wide range of sizes and power outputs. Our secure and hardy metal casings will allow you to access truly mobile energy, wherever and whenever it is required. The secure trailer mounted design allows for easy highway and jobsite access.

Why Natural Gas?

Natural gas turbines are the cleanest and greenest non-renewable generators money can buy. They are outperforming diesel generators in terms of cleanliness and quietness. Natural gas is one of the most economic energy choices on the market (second only to coal and much cleaner). Getting clean cheap energy has never been easier. Call Wabash today and speak with one of our highly-trained representatives to discuss how we can supply you with gas turbine generator in just a matter of days.

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