18 MW GE Frame 5M Dual Fuel

(One) Used GE Frame 5001M Gas Turbine thermal block rotor is a 2-stage power turbine and 16-stage compressor. Turbine was set up for dual fuel (natural gas & #2 oil), but mainly fired on natural gas in utility peaking service .

Borescope done May, 2012.


Turbine S/N 214069       Total Hours:  10287       Total Starts: 2527


Rotor Weight:    18,706 lbs

Rotor Length:    15’-8”


Weight of base, and upper and lower casings with rotor: approx. 78,000 lbs

Overall Base, and Upper and Lower Casings with Rotor: 21’L x 10’W x 11’-5”H



GE S524 Gear Reducer Available.


ExWorks Saginaw, MI 





Details / Specifications
Capacity18,000 KW
ModelFrame 5M Thermal Block
FuelDual Fuel: Natural Gas, #2 Oil
Build Year1970
No. of Starts2527
No. of Hrs10,287
Last Major OverhaulMay 2012