8820 KW Solar Mars 90


One (1) Gas turbine generator skid consisting of following.

Engine S/N: 0106M, Model MARS 90, Version: 12000, I.D. No.:EM13000-59GW, gas fuel

with water injection Engine: 8820 kw ISO, Package Serial no: MG88852

RPM; 10780, Combustion chamber: annular type, Torch ignition, no of fuel nozzles: 21


Gear reducer: Allen Gears Epicyclic, W. No X5/4259,  Serial no: A-32, year 1987

Purchasers item no. 171071-1, size: ASG 27.5, gear ratio 4.761, input: rpm: 8568

Output rpm: 1800 rpm


Generator: Ideal Electric, Brushless ac generator, S/N 342092, Frame 21520-32

Type SAB, 7640 KW, 9550 KVA, 4160 v, 3 phase, 6 wire, 60 hz, 1800 rpm, 1325 amps

Duty continuous, 0.8 PF, temp. Rise 80 deg C , Amb. Temp 40 deg c

Brushless exciter, Frame BE-14-5, type FRBA, 21 kw, 250 vdc, 160 amps

Fld volts  125 vdc, Fld, F.L. amps 4.2,  60 deg c temp rise.


Solar Turbotronic 1 , 1989 , Solar microprocessor based control panel cabinet with Woodward 2301 governor control system, Basler solid state voltage regulator SSR-125-12NF


Co2 Fire control Panel


Ac starting motor , Natural gas system, lubrication oil system.


Performance:  7640 kw, 10,765 btu/kwh, Exhaust flow: 116,640 lbs/hr 815 deg f.

Fuel Gas inlet 2909 scfm, 370 psi.


One (1) Turbine air inlet system with self-cleaning air jet air filters system and mounting frame, silencer and air duct to turbine, air chiller.

One (1) Turbine exhaust expansion joint

One (1) Generator inlet   air duct

One (1) Generator air exhaust duct with silencer One (1) Enclosure ventilation air duct with silencer One (1) Battery charger with batteries

One (1) Motor control center, 480 v

One (1) set of Co2 cylinders

One (1) Set of lube oil,  water wash piping. One (1) online compressor wash skid

One (1) Solar control panel

One (1)  Relay panel



Year installed 1989 as cogeneration plant in west coast.  The plant shutdown 2007. Unit has oil circulated and heaters are installed inside and around engine. Exchange engine installed 2004 with zero hour engine. Engine hours: 1221, Engine starts: 125

Package Hours since installed: 67,581, Starts since installed: 1926

Date of Last major service: 2004

Last Borescope inspection 2008

Solar Mars Gas Turbine

Details / Specifications
Capacity8,820 KW
ModelMars 90 - T12000
FuelNatural Gas
Generator Voltage3/60/4160 V
Build Year1989 / 2004