Wabash Power is the most technologically advanced boiler rental company in the world. Steam is the lifeblood of many industrial processes, and when extra capacity is needed, we understand that your time is at a premium. Whether it’s a business crisis, a planned outage or a temporary capacity issue, you can count on Wabash Power to deliver the best steam solution for your process. On this page, you will find information about each of our rental boiler packages including capacity ranges, pressures, customized temporary boilers, and auxiliary boiler room equipment. Click below to view our mobile boiler rental inventory or scroll down to learn about all of our rental boiler options.


Wabash Power offers both saturated and superheated mobile rental boilers as well as mobile steam plants. Each trailer mounted unit from Wabash Power is manufactured to the highest quality in the industry and meets all ASME guidelines. Of equal importance, they are a cost effective and environmentally compliant solution. Our entire fleet of rental boiler packages include simple yet safe control schemes, low NOx burners for emissions control, and high fuel efficiency. Other key features include:

  • 20,000 to 85,000 Pounds Per Hour (PPH) Steam Capacity
  • Highway Friendly Boiler Dimensions for Quick Delivery
  • Saturated or Superheated Steam
  • 55-675 PSI Operating Pressure
  • Steam Temperatures up to 750° F
  • Natural Gas, #2 Fuel Oil, or Constant Value Refinery Gas
  • Fireye Burner Management System
  • Siemens Combustion Control Systems
  • Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) for Fuel Efficiency & Emission Control

Optional Equipment :


 Wabash Power has extensive experience providing large capacity boilers all over the world. Our unique skid-mounted packaged boilers are ready to ship today Options include:

  • Capacities from 100,000 to 300,000 PPH
  • Saturated and Superheated Steam
  • Pressures as high as 1,025 PSI
  • Maximum superheat temperatures of 900° F
  • Monthly and Yearly Rental Boiler Options Available
  • Manufacturer Warranties Available on All Units

Never Deal with Shipping Delays

Larger capacity rental boilers are typically oversized and over dimensional, which means the most economic option is to ship by rail. But in the current business climate, available rail cars are few and far between. A rail car to fit a large packaged boiler is even more scarce. It is not uncommon to wait 8-12 weeks for a specialized rail car to become available. Our customers never have to wait when buying or renting a boiler. Wabash Power owns a $1 Million customized rail car that is specifically designed to fit our boilers. You'll always have an advantage over the competition when working with Wabash. Check out our rail car at our Saginaw, Michigan facility in the picture below:

Wabash Power Custom Rail Car 



Wabash Power is an engineer driven boiler rental company. Whether you are working with an 800 HP Mobile Steam Plant, an 82,500 PPH saturated boiler, or a 250,000 PPH superheated unit, you can expect the highest quality standards of any rental boiler company in the world:

Largest and Newest Inventory

We have the largest and newest fleet of packaged rental boilers in the world. No boiler in our rental fleet is older than 2006 and most units are 2010 or newer. All equipment is owned outright by Wabash Power.

Quick Turnaround Allows for Quick Shipment

Whether a new boiler arrives at our warehouse or returns from a rental, our trained service technicians perform a thorough inspection to ensure there are no defects or repairs needed. All parts are tested and valves reset. We store our boilers indoors in our climate controlled warehouse. When a customer needs to rent a boiler, it is certified and ready to ship immediately.

Options for Operators

Due to their unique design, Wabash trailer mounted rental boilers can be operated on or off the trailer, which provide end users the utmost flexibility during the planning phase. In addition, any boiler that is already operating on its trailer can be easily transitioned off.

Expert Engineer Service Technicians Available

Any boiler operation will need service and support from time to time. We ensure our expert technicians will help you get back online as soon as possible. Whether it’s 1pm during the week or 230am on a holiday, we always have an emergency service to ready to help you out..

Temporary Boilers to Permanent Boilers

Our customers will always have the option to keep their boiler on a month to month basis following the end of the boiler lease. We will never ask you to return a rental boiler, and we will continue to support your project 100%. In addition, we will be happy to allow you to purchase your rental boiler at any time.

And More at the Ready...

Whatever you need, Wabash Power has the inventory, the expertise and the commitment to deliver the highest quality equipment faster than the rest.

By air, land, rail, and sea, our inventory is ready to go. And so are we. Give us a call today at (800) 704-2002. You can always count on Wabash Power to be ready at a moment’s notice.