Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems





We offer Mobile Selective Catalytic Reduction systems to pair with any of our rental boilers. Users can lower Nitrogen Oxide emissions (NOx) to 9ppm or less using anhydrous ammonia.

Anhydrous Ammonia Process Control Unit

3’x4’x8’ Stainless Steel skid package with:

  • Bottle rack for storage of (8) – 150# or 300# – anhydrous ammonia compressed bottles (Enduser to supply bottles).
  • Distribution manifold, regulator and hoses for connection to 3 bottles at one time.
  • Automatic switch over from 3 primary feed bottles to 1 back-up upon detection of low supply pressure.
  • 1 – 3HP Dilution air blowers, with motor starter.
  • Ammonia control piping & instrument air piping with thermal mass flow controller.
  • Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC controller for ratio control of the ammonia injection based on boiler fuel consumption.
  • All skid mounted hardware and wiring.

Flow rate: 25 lbs./hr anhydrous ammonia (19) to 20% by weight).

Distribution Manifold

Duct mounted manifold, all SS construction to be insulated by lessee in the field. 4” header with a 3” 150# inlet connection (8) 1/2” branches, and a pressure gauge. Each branch contains a gate valve, orifice plate and Dwyer Capsuhelics for flow balancing.

Ammonia Injection Grid

All 304 SS construction, 8 injection lances for proper ammonia distribution across the duct.

SCR Reactor Instrumentation

Instrumentation for monitoring the SCR reaction and controlling the ammonia system is enclosed in a NEMA 4 enclosure and has an inlet temperature switch.

SCR Catalyst

Vanadium and titanium based catalyst for reducing NOx emissions from a packaged boiler by 90% (typically 90 ppm to 9 ppm). Catalyst material will be packaged into modules for easy handling.

SCR Reactor Housing

A-36 Carbon steel structure designed to house the SCR catalyst modules in a vertical position above the boiler for vertical up discharge. Weight of duct will be supported by structure steel supports. Duct will be blasted per SSPC-6 and primed with zinc based primer. External insulation, if required, will be by others.

Support Structure and Transition Pieces

Steel structure for supporting the SCR housing straddles the boiler and supports the weight of the SCR duct and catalyst from the ground. Transition pieces to connect SCR System to Wabash Power’s rental mobile boilers.

Aqueous Ammonia Pump Skid (To be supplied by Eend user.) (not sure, maybe sub)
Pump skid to supply 1.5 gpm @ 80 psig to the process control unit with (19 to 28% by weight) of aqueous ammonia. Pump skid required 480/3/60.