Portable Boiler Room Firetube Boiler Inside Portable Boiler Room

It is no longer enough to run an efficient boiler room: in the current business climate, it must also be cost-effective, simple, and reliable. Even the best facilities experience downtime. Wabash Power offers a practical solution with its new line of rental 800 HP Mobile Steam Plants. These portable boiler rooms generate up to 27,600 lbs/hr of saturated steam. With all the auxiliary components you would expect in a field erected facility--feed tanks, blowdown, controls, I/O connections--our mobile containers can achieve your objective in a fraction of the space and at a fraction of the cost.

Whether your outage is planned or unplanned, Wabash can offer the comfort of steam on demand with no requirements beyond a feedwater, fuel, and electrical connection. In addition to the savings realized in installation costs, our Mobile Steam Plants eliminate the initial need for extensive backup equipment. Wabash’s innovative solutions are what make us the industry leader in rental boilers.

  • 800 HP Cleaver Brooks firetube boiler generating up to 27,600 lbs of steam an hour.
  • Single Point Feedwater and Combustion control system for easy to use management platform.
  • Deaerator & Chemical feeds tanks to ensure the highest quality feedwater.
  • Entrance doors and panels at several points around the container for ease of access.
  • Maximum storage container for all necessary components
  • Large ventilation for high ambient operation.
  • Water softener and brine tanks to prevent scale & maximize performance.
  • Extensive room to open front door as well as access to: burner, jackshaft, blower, tubes, refractory, and mod motor.
  • Monthly boiler rentals available.

Capacity (lb/hr)ManufacturerDesign PressureOperating Pressure (psig)Steam Temp. (F)FuelNOx with FGR
27,600 PPH
Cleaver Brooks Mobile Steam Plant250 PSI55-225SaturatedGas / Oil30 PPM

NOx ratings shown are maximum for listed generating capacity using maximum boilers firing of natural gas, at 2000 Ft. elevation and 100° Fair temperature.
NOx with FGR - Boiler as supplied by Wabash Power Equipment Co. with additional Flue Gas Recirculation components and economizer.