Skid Mounted Boilers for Rent

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Skid Mounted Boiler Capacities

115,000 PPH 350 PSIG Saturated D type
150,000 PPH 350 PSIG Saturated A type
150,000 PPH 750 PSIG 750°F Superheat A type
150,000 PPH 1025 PSIG 900°F Superheat A type
250,000 PPH 750 PSIG 750°F Superheat A type
250,000 PPH 800 PSIG 800°F Superheat D type
300,000 PPH 875 PSIG 725°F Superheat Eleveated D Type

Wabash Power offers large package skid-mounted packaged boilers ready to ship today:

  • Capacities from 100,000 to 300,000 PPH
  • Saturated and Superheated Temperatures
  • Pressures as high as 1,025 Psig
  • Maximum superheat temperatures of 900° F
  • Monthly and Yearly Rental Boiler Options Available
  • Manufacturer Warranties Available on All Units


Never Deal with Shipping Delays

In the current business climate, rail cars are hard to come by. A rail car to fit a large packaged boiler is even tougher. It is not uncommon to wait 8-12 weeks just for a specialized rail car to become available. But customers never have to wait when buying or renting a boiler from Wabash Power. We own a one million dollar customized rail car that is specifically designed to fit our boilers. You'll always have an advantage over the competition when working with Wabash. 

Customized Rail Car