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Superheated Steam Mobile Boilers

the largest fleet of 750 psig trailer-mounted superheated boilers in North America
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What are Portable Superheated Boilers?

Superheated steam mobile boilers, or portable superheated boilers, are specialized industrial equipment used for generating high-temperature and high-pressure steam in a portable and mobile form. These boilers are designed to produce superheated steam, which is steam that has been heated to a temperature above its boiling point at a given pressure.

Discover the reason refineries, utilities, petrochemical, chemical, paper, and other major processing industries have counted on the Optimus boiler from Wabash Power for many years. With one call, you can access the nation’s largest fleet of high-pressure, superheated steam mobile boilers. Our trailer-mounted superheated rental boilers are manufactured by Chanute Manufacturing exclusively for Wabash Power. You won't find another superheated mobile boiler like the Optimus anywhere on the market. 

Trailer-Mounted Superheated Boiler Features

What features are included in Trailer-Mounted Superheated Boilers?

Trailer-Mounted Superheated Boilers, one of our industrial rental boilers, includes features such as:

  • Up to 75,000 PPH steam capacity
  • 750 psig with operating ranges from 350 to 675 psig
  • Maximum superheat temperature of 750°F
  • Natural Gas, #2 Fuel Oil, or Constant Value Refinery Gas
  • Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) for NOx Control
  • Manufactured by Optimus exclusively for Wabash Power

Optional equipment

  • Economizer packages
  • Mobile SCR systems (2.5-9 ppm NOx)
  • Trailer and skid-mounted water treatment systems
  • Associated ancillary equipment
  • Advanced PLC-Based Control Systems
  • Remote Operator Workstations
superheated watertube boiler rental

Quick Shipment

Our Rental boilers can be on the road in hours. Our superheated boilers are stored indoors at our climate-controlled facility in Tyler, Texas, with quick proximity to the largest concentrations of refineries and chemical plants in the world. 

Largest Fleet

Wabash Power has the largest fleet of 750 psig trailer-mounted superheated boilers in North America. All of our rental boilers are stored indoors in climate controlled facilities. 

Smallest Footprint

Wabash Power’s 75,000 PPH 750/750 trailer packages house the smallest operating footprint in the industry. 

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